Outfit Spotlight: All White Everything

Back with another outfit post because I‘m too lazy to write a proper one I thought it would be cool.

Initially, I didn’t put much thought into this outfit. My only initial aim was to put together a very pale outfit with my white jeans. To push the boat out a bit, I decided to see if I could pull of the white-on-white look by pairing them with my white CP Achilles. I considered a few different tops but eventually settled on my fluffy Our Legacy jumper, to maintain the pale monochrome look while adding some texture to make things more interesting. So without too much further intro, here’s what it looked like:

All White Everything

Now the slightly more interesting thing about this fit is the response I got to it; I posted the picture above on KTT, r/malefashion, r/malefashionadvice, and from all three I received a flood of positive feedback, including a number of comments that this fit was the best I’d posted for a while, or ever – which on the one hand is nice, but on the other is slightly worrying considering that I put so little thought into this fit. But it got me thinking – if everyone likes it so much, I’d hope there’s something I can learn from it, to apply to future fits, white or otherwise.

So the observations I’ve made are:

  • In the absence of colour or tonal contrast, this fit relies very heavily on the texture of the sweater and the starkness of the jeans to stand out. These are both elements I’d like to utilise more in other fits.
  • The shoes are the weakest element; I think something in light grey suede would be the perfect complement in both colour and texture to the sweater. If I owned a pair, Margiela GATs would be my top choice.
  • I’d usually associate tight white jeans with highly androgynous super-SLP looks, since they’re something of a feminine piece; but I feel like they work very well in a much more relaxed way in this fit, showing how they can be used in much the same way as black jeans – this is definitely something I want to utilise in other fits with these jeans.
  • Adding to that last point, white jeans seem inherently impractical because they’ll get dirty so quickly; but not unlike white shoes, I think they might actually look better dirty. As such, I’ve decided to keep wearing these jeans for a while without washing, letting them pick up marks and stains from the trials of my day-to-day life, and see if I can give them a bit more character.

This post has been a bit of a ramble, but it’s been a short one so I hope it wasn’t too painful. If you want to see more of my fits and other shit, sign up to the mailing list at the top-right of this page, and/or follow me on Instagram: @usuallywhatimdressedin.