What I Wore This Month: March

Yo dudes. It’s been a minute since I last posted because uni has been fucking mental. But having finally handed in my dissertation, at long last I have a bit of time to chill, and imma spend it mindlessly rambling sharing my wisdom on here. I’ve got like half a year’s worth of ideas saved up, so expect a lot of content in the next few weeks/months.

So to kick things off imma do a quick roundup of the shit I’ve been wearing for the month of March. Here’s the first one:


The face of a man who has barely even started but already fucking done with this shit.


October Outfits: Winter Is Coming

Yo so I’ve decided to start doing monthly roundups of my favourite fits from the past month, starting with October. And yeah I’m well aware that we’re like two thirds of the way through November but my online poker addiction real life has kept me busy so far this month so I’m a little late. I’ll try harder next month.

Anyway, October featured me copping two new footwear grails, so most of these fits feature them. Obviously winter is fast approaching, which you can see in the gradually increasing coziness levels as we go through the month.

With all that said, here’s the album: