What I Wore This Month: March

Yo dudes. It’s been a minute since I last posted because uni has been fucking mental. But having finally handed in my dissertation, at long last I have a bit of time to chill, and imma spend it mindlessly rambling sharing my wisdom on here. I’ve got like half a year’s worth of ideas saved up, so expect a lot of content in the next few weeks/months.

So to kick things off imma do a quick roundup of the shit I’ve been wearing for the month of March. Here’s the first one:


The face of a man who has barely even started but already fucking done with this shit.

I got like 4 hours sleep the night before this because writing a dissertation is fucking shit like that, hence my miserable expression. I started off this fit by wanting to wear this shirt with these trousers. In the past I’d avoided the combo because the oversized plaid flannel with the striped pants always gave off a bit too much of a “pyjama” vibe. But I guess today, having been deprived of actual sleep, that PJ vibe was just what I was feeling.

To really hammer in the whole PJ thing I would’ve worn slippers, but I didn’t have any so I chucked on the sandals for a similar kinda feel. Finally I needed a jacket, and I really just look for any excuse to wear this fucking sick arse jacket I’d recently discovered that the smoking jacket actually evolved from the dressing gown, so I thought it could be a fun choice.

I styled everything to be a bit “disheveled”, and the end result reminded me a lot of Haider Ackermann, which makes sense cuz he’s probably my biggest inspo rn.


s m o u l d e r

I wore this fit on the day I was finally lifted from the depths of hell handed in my dissertation (tho I was too busy basking in the glory of my own freedom to take a pic at the time, so I took this pic a bit later once I was back home with my a e s t h e t i c background).

Anyway, this is obviously fairly basic, but (evidently) basics can still look dope. There’s not really that much to say on this one, it’s a fairly standard “SLP” fit. I just personally really liked how it’s not quite “minimalist”, but all the details are kinda subtle, with the tonal print on the shirt, the jewellery, and the pop of colour with the brown boots elevating it just a little from a super-basic all black errythang SLP fit.

Also it’s fits like this that remind why Acne Thins are the absolute fucking GOAT jeans and makes me sad that they’re now gone from the world. RIP.



So this fit has a bit of a story behind it. For context, I wore it on the day I took a five-hour train journey to travel home from uni at the end of term. As such, I wanted to be comfy, so reached for my Balmain sweatpants. But on the other hand, I also didn’t really want to cram my beautiful smoking jacket into a suitcase, so I decided to wear it too. So given that there was a high probability I was going to look like an absolute goon just like every other day by wearing these two super incompatible pieces together, I decided to have some fun with it and produce something that at least seemed internally consistent.

My first instinct was to kinda minimise the casualness of the sweats, and kinda go for a “comfortable elegance” vibe with maybe my Lanvin sneakers (see the next fit) and a cashmere sweater or something. But after trying on a few pieces, I couldn’t really get that to work, so I decided to take the total opposite approach. My aim was to basically channel a very trashy, new-money, “Balmain aesthetic” vibe, essentially treating the velvet jacket as a kinda “fuck your rules, I have money” flex piece.

So I just went HAM. I went for my aggro Balmain hightops and a skull-print tee to shatter any illusion that I was trying to look “dressed up”, and then just chucked on pretty much every piece of jewellery I own (and messily cuffed the jacket sleeves to show it all off), to really bring home the trashy flex vibe.

Overall, I think it’s fairly undeniable that I look like a massive douche, so I’d say the fit was a success overall.


It is Ralph tho

Another day, another fit to force my ludicrously expensive sweatpants into.

For real tho, the actual starting point for this fit was the cardigan, a Black Label Ralph piece I picked up (and loved) back in my #menswear days. Until this fit I don’t think I’d worn it in about two years, but when I came across it again I thought I’d give it one last chance, for old time’s sake.

To my mind, Ralph’s aesthetic is the epitome of trad/prep/”old money”. Recently I’ve been really into what I call “lazy luxe” vibes (think like, luxurious fabrics and pieces, but with an emphasis on comfort and not really giving a fuck), and I thought that I could kind of reclaim the cardigan’s sense of “old-money” luxury with something along those lines.

With that pretentious hand-waving vision nailed down, I set about executing it. On the bottom half, I paired my crusty trusty Balmain sweats with my Lanvin patent-toe sneakers. This combo basically epitomises what I think of as “lazy luxe”: it doesn’t get much comfier than sweatpants and sneakers, but the slim fit and gold details of the sweats, along with the clean white sole and shiny patent details of the sneakers, really up the “luxe” factor.

Up top, I paired the cardigan with my beloved floral flannel shirt. I think being a flannel, it bridges the gap between a dressier button-up shirt and something more casual like a tee pretty well, while the floral pattern over something like plaid maintains a kinda “elegant” vibe. On the other hand, I pushed up the sleeves of the cardigan, unbuttoned my shirt halfway, and threw on a bit of jewellery to keep things lazy and chilled.

I’m pretty pleased with the end result – I think I successfully avoided any sense of Mr Rogers, but still maintained some of the cardigan’s casual luxe spirit.

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