Outfit Spotlight: All White Everything

Back with another outfit post because I‘m too lazy to write a proper one I thought it would be cool.

Initially, I didn’t put much thought into this outfit. My only initial aim was to put together a very pale outfit with my white jeans. To push the boat out a bit, I decided to see if I could pull of the white-on-white look by pairing them with my white CP Achilles. I considered a few different tops but eventually settled on my fluffy Our Legacy jumper, to maintain the pale monochrome look while adding some texture to make things more interesting. So without too much further intro, here’s what it looked like:


Outfit Spotlight: Edgy Bizcas

In the hope of being able to provide a more regular flow of posts, I’ve decided to lower my standards add occasional posts focusing on a single outfit I particularly liked. This is the first one.

I put this outfit together for the purposes of a job interview – the dress code was described as “smart casual”, and I was told that “nice trousers and a collared shirt” would be perfect. I stuck with a dressed-up version of my usual “edgy” style, rather than something more conservative, figuring that the added confidence of an outfit I felt comfortable in would serve me better than a “safer” outfit. I’m yet to find out the results, so it remains to be seen whether my choice was a good one. UPDATE: Got the job! WE MADE IT.