The Best Budget Leather Jacket: Schott LC940D Review

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It is often said that a leather jacket is one item that you can’t afford to skimp on. Fake leather or cheap real leather jackets are, in general, horrible. The “leather” feels and looks nasty, the fit is usually off, and overall the jacket just exudes cheapness. Simply pick up any of the leather jackets in most fast-fashion stores if you don’t believe me. Leather jackets are an item that will, if they look good, make you look like a total fucking badass, and if not, make you look like someone who is attempting to look like a total fucking badass and failing miserably. A rule of thumb that I’ve often heard is that one must spend at least $600/£400 to find a jacket in the former category (unless you’re thrifting, of course, but that has it own set of challenges and indirect costs).

I’m here to shatter that rule of thumb by presenting you with a jacket I have found to be utterly fantastic at a much more budget-friendly pricetag: the Schott LC940D.


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