Summer Pickups: Shirts For Days

As a break from the pseudointellectual rambles that are the mainstay of this blog, I’m gonna start doing some more shit about my personal wardrobe and style.

Kicking this new era off is the this “haul” post about all the shit I picked up this summer. As indicated by the title, most of them are shirts.

At the start of summer, for someone who runs a fashion blog, I actually owned relatively few shirts. Among those I did own, they were all long-sleeved, and largely either completely plain and boring (nobody has ever been excited by a plain white oxford shirt) or very loud (leopard and aztec prints). So my main aims going into sale season were to get some short-sleeve action on the go to help cope with the heat of summer, as well as filling out the “interestingness midzone”.

Anyway, here’s a slideshow of the shit I bought.

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