Inspo: Lazy Luxury

There’s a style I’ve been feeling a lot recently that I thought was worth a ramble. The name I tend to use for it is lazy luxury;  I’ve also heard the term casually wealthy used. It’s all about dressing in super elegant, luxurious garments, but with a disheveled, lazy, comfortable vibe. Picture the kind of shit you’d wear if you were a romanticised caricature of a Manhattan playboy: so rich that everything you own exudes luxury, but equally so rich that you don’t need to impress anyone, so you make no effort to be “presentable”. (more…)

On Repurposing Items for a New Style

Throughout the history of fashion, there are countless instances of items of clothing whose use evolved far beyond what their creator envisioned. Take, for example, jeans. Jeans were originally created as a sturdy, hard-wearing pair of trousers to wear while doing properly intense manual labour and shit. These days, of course, jeans are ubiquitous casualwear, and let’s be honest, few of them are ideal for any kind of manual labour.