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Inspo: Lazy Luxury

There’s a style I’ve been feeling a lot recently that I thought was worth a ramble. The name I tend to use for it is lazy luxury;  I’ve also heard the term casually wealthy used. It’s all about dressing in super elegant, luxurious garments, but with a disheveled, lazy, comfortable vibe. Picture the kind of shit you’d wear if you were a romanticised caricature of a Manhattan playboy: so rich that everything you own exudes luxury, but equally so rich that you don’t need to impress anyone, so you make no effort to be “presentable”. (more…)

What I Wore This Month: March

Yo dudes. It’s been a minute since I last posted because uni has been fucking mental. But having finally handed in my dissertation, at long last I have a bit of time to chill, and imma spend it mindlessly rambling sharing my wisdom on here. I’ve got like half a year’s worth of ideas saved up, so expect a lot of content in the next few weeks/months.

So to kick things off imma do a quick roundup of the shit I’ve been wearing for the month of March. Here’s the first one:


The face of a man who has barely even started but already fucking done with this shit.


October Outfits: Winter Is Coming

Yo so I’ve decided to start doing monthly roundups of my favourite fits from the past month, starting with October. And yeah I’m well aware that we’re like two thirds of the way through November but my online poker addiction real life has kept me busy so far this month so I’m a little late. I’ll try harder next month.

Anyway, October featured me copping two new footwear grails, so most of these fits feature them. Obviously winter is fast approaching, which you can see in the gradually increasing coziness levels as we go through the month.

With all that said, here’s the album:

Summer Pickups: Shirts For Days

As a break from the pseudointellectual rambles that are the mainstay of this blog, I’m gonna start doing some more shit about my personal wardrobe and style.

Kicking this new era off is the this “haul” post about all the shit I picked up this summer. As indicated by the title, most of them are shirts.

At the start of summer, for someone who runs a fashion blog, I actually owned relatively few shirts. Among those I did own, they were all long-sleeved, and largely either completely plain and boring (nobody has ever been excited by a plain white oxford shirt) or very loud (leopard and aztec prints). So my main aims going into sale season were to get some short-sleeve action on the go to help cope with the heat of summer, as well as filling out the “interestingness midzone”.

Anyway, here’s a slideshow of the shit I bought.

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The Fallacy of Quality

Quality is a word that comes up a lot in discussions about fashion, but what it actually means never really seems to get nailed down.

Reading through various such discussions on various online fashion forums, there are a few ideas that someone otherwise uninformed could pick up.

Firstly, it would seem that quality is something that, at least for plebs like you and I, can be difficult to determine at the point of purchase; an accurate appraisal would seem to require some degree of expertise in the item at hand. But there also seems to be a consensus that quality cannot be ignored in the long run – buying a low-quality item will always bite you in the arse eventually, apparently most often because the item “falls apart” or otherwise fucks itself after relatively little wear. This leads to people fretting over whether an item that, to their mere mortal gaze, seems to be cool, is actually of sufficiently worthy quality, leading them to seek the counsel of the seemingly omniscient internet.


On Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent

Unless you literally only got into fashion in the past week (or for some reason you’re reading this blog and aren’t interested in fashion), you’ll know Hedi Slimane resigned as the creative director of Saint Laurent last week. His time at the label was indisputably a huge commercial success, but opinions on his creative and artistic merit are far more divided. The “SLP aesthetic” has grown to be massively popular among many fashion enthusiasts, and while his legions of fans will fall over themselves to espouse Hedi’s genius, many others dismiss him completely as a one-trick pony who hasn’t done anything interesting since he left Dior Homme in 2007. I feel like neither of these viewpoints are completely accurate or fair, and I’d like to present something of a middle ground.


The Best Budget Leather Jacket: Schott LC940D Review

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links

It is often said that a leather jacket is one item that you can’t afford to skimp on. Fake leather or cheap real leather jackets are, in general, horrible. The “leather” feels and looks nasty, the fit is usually off, and overall the jacket just exudes cheapness. Simply pick up any of the leather jackets in most fast-fashion stores if you don’t believe me. Leather jackets are an item that will, if they look good, make you look like a total fucking badass, and if not, make you look like someone who is attempting to look like a total fucking badass and failing miserably. A rule of thumb that I’ve often heard is that one must spend at least $600/£400 to find a jacket in the former category (unless you’re thrifting, of course, but that has it own set of challenges and indirect costs).

I’m here to shatter that rule of thumb by presenting you with a jacket I have found to be utterly fantastic at a much more budget-friendly pricetag: the Schott LC940D.


Outfit Spotlight: All White Everything

Back with another outfit post because I‘m too lazy to write a proper one I thought it would be cool.

Initially, I didn’t put much thought into this outfit. My only initial aim was to put together a very pale outfit with my white jeans. To push the boat out a bit, I decided to see if I could pull of the white-on-white look by pairing them with my white CP Achilles. I considered a few different tops but eventually settled on my fluffy Our Legacy jumper, to maintain the pale monochrome look while adding some texture to make things more interesting. So without too much further intro, here’s what it looked like:


An Alternative Basic Wardrobe

The fashion forum I frequent the most is Reddit’s r/malefashionadvice (universally referred to as MFA), which was also my gateway drug into picking up fashion as a hobby. My experience with MFA is farily typical; after joining, I quickly started “investing” in a wardrobe packed with timeless classics: brown boots and dress shoes, raw denim, a Barbour jacket, and so on, until I had a solid basic wardrobe that leaned very heavily #menswear/prep/trad end of the stylistic spectrum. Then I picked up my Common Projects Achilles which introduced me to the magical world of “streetwear” (used in the most generous sense), and almost overnight I completely overhauled my style, and after some continuing development I’ve ended up where I am today.

Now, while I consider the above anecdote to have a happy ending, there were some casualties along the way. Those timeless classics I mentioned? Almost all of them are relegated to the back of my wardrobe, never seeing the light of day. The reason is simply that most of those staple pieces of a “traditional” wardrobe simply do not fit into the styles I’ve found myself in; I have very little use for my light blue OCBD, or my slim-fitting khaki chinos, or my boxy Barbour jacket. Moreover, I don’t believe that my experience is particularly unique; I’ve lost count of the number of similar tales I’ve heard from people who started in the same way.


Outfit Spotlight: Edgy Bizcas

In the hope of being able to provide a more regular flow of posts, I’ve decided to lower my standards add occasional posts focusing on a single outfit I particularly liked. This is the first one.

I put this outfit together for the purposes of a job interview – the dress code was described as “smart casual”, and I was told that “nice trousers and a collared shirt” would be perfect. I stuck with a dressed-up version of my usual “edgy” style, rather than something more conservative, figuring that the added confidence of an outfit I felt comfortable in would serve me better than a “safer” outfit. I’m yet to find out the results, so it remains to be seen whether my choice was a good one. UPDATE: Got the job! WE MADE IT.