Yo, I’m Dom. I’m a student in the UK, and this blog is intended as an outlet for my ramblings about fashion. These ramblings mainly consist of reviewing products in excruciating detail, explaining the inspirations and goals behind my outfits, and more general pseudointellectual musings about whatever strikes me.

The stuff I buy and outfits I wear are obviously specifically to my own personal style, but lots of my more general rambles are applicable much more widely. And anyway, my style is utterly inconsistent fairly dynamic and diverse, so hopefully you can just take what you like and leave the shit you don’t.

I make absolutely no claims on my own level of stylistic knowledge, skill, or taste. I don’t intend my words to be taken as any sort of expert advice, but merely as the opinion of an individual who cares a bit too much.

Instagram: usuallywhatimdressedin